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Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

            The Department was established in 2000, and now has become a full-fledged department with advanced laboratory facilities to train the students to meet the current needs of the fast changing industrial scenario.

Head Of the Department : Tina P G
Seat Available : 60 + 3 *

Accreditation Status : Applied-Accreditation in process.SAR filed


    To develop competent Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers with high academic credentials and to make the department recognized as a center of the learning community ,research, fraternity and industry.


      The mission of the department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is to mould its students into competent Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers with cutting edge caliber in the field, competent in an international scene, to the demands of industry,research and entrepreneurship,while strictly adhering to moral values and professional ethics.

Laboratories Under the Department

  • Instrumentation Lab I
             Our students are being introduced to the world of measurements & Instrumentation in their first instrumentation lab. In this lab they will be doing experiments with different types of transducers for measurement of displacement, temperature etc. They will be using different types of bridge circuits for measurement of resistance capacitance and inductance etc.
  • Instrumentation Lab II
             In this Lab II they will be doing experiments mainly with operational amplifiers and other wide band amplifiers and fillers, which are inevitable parts in any signal conditioning or instrumentation system. After the completion of this lab, students can design different types of filters, instrumentation amplifiers etc. Suitable for different applications like noise reduction, noise freezing, amplification of differential input signals etc.