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Computer Science & Engineering


The Department was established in 2000, and now has become a full-fledged department with advanced laboratory facilities to train the students to meet the current needs of the fast changing industrial scenario.

Head Of the Department : Ojus Thomas Lee
Seat Available : 60 + 3 *

Accreditation Status : Applied-Accreditation in process. SAR filed


    To become a recognized leading institute offering high-quality professional education leading to academic excellence to a large number of talented students.


      To provide quality in both the theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real world problems.

Laboratories Under the Department

  • P.C. Hardware Lab
             This Lab is well equipped with latest computer systems of different configuration for the purpose of training students. The lab is equipped with more than 12 new branded and 10 old computers. Computers are based on Intel and AMD processors like 8086, 80386,80486, PIII, Celeron and Duron. Motherboards of different types for testing purpose and advanced peripherals like different types of Printers, Scanners, Modems, CDD etc are also available in the Hardware laboratory.
  • Multimedia Lab
             This lab is well equipped for the study of various multimedia software. This lab is intended for Information technology students in order to expose them to Multimedia Projects like Animation,3D Objects creation etc.
  • System Programming and Advanced Micro Processor Lab
             This lab is established for the study of low-level programming, which includes assembly level programming and machine level programming. This lab is intended for Information Technology and Computer Science Students.
  • Network and OS  Lab
             Objective of this lab is to improve the knowledge in the field of Advanced Networking technologies.This Lab is well equipped for the study of various communication protocols like TCP/IPand the familiarization of Unix system calls like stat, fork and creation of semaphores etc.
  • Language Processing Lab
             The objective of this Lab is to build small compilers,interpreters and linkers by using the linux environments and lex,flex,yacc tools.This lab is also useful for understanding the design of compilers and assemblers.
  • Project Lab
             Students can do any online project by using advanced software.This may be web based or stand alone software.This Lab will be help them for handful training in fields of project development cycles